1. Every single person using the information contained in site must be familiar with these rules and follow them.
  2. Administration of the doesn’t take any responsibility for any information published and its use consequences.
  3. Every single user is responsible by his publicated ad information, which is published on the site and will take all the responsibility for inappropriate information’s use consequences.
  4. These rules can be modified at any time without warning.
  5. It is prohibited to publish the same information more than once. Repeated ads will be deleted.
  6. It is prohibited to publish the information that is not in the appropriate topics.
  7. It is prohibited to write in capital letters, to use meaningless symbols to differentiate your ad from others ads. In this way, you pollute notice board.
  8. administration have the right to remove any ads without notice.
  9. administration have the right to block access to this site's users, for breaches of these rules.
  10. administration strictly prohibits for the third persons to use and propagate the site text and visual information on other websites or media. Propagation of site information without the agreement of administration, the persons will be punished according to Lithuanian republic law.