About us

The site will be update soon! is a very comfortable and simple real estate advertisements portal, oriented on client needs. Our goal is pleased clients, who would give the highest quality real estate services.

With the real estate portal our clients will receive:


  • Ability to place free ads in real estate;
  • Information of your real estate will be available instantly to anyone who is interested in real estate;
  • Detailed search engine;
  • Easy to edit ad information;
  • The users is able to see the precise information of your ad (for example. how many times your ad has been viewed, when the ad was loaded, etc.);
  • The possibility to put the photographs of your sales object (you can add up to 10 pictures);
  • You can be given a free phone consultation;
  • Every hundredth registered user will receive highlighted ad for two weeks;
  • Every registered user which uploaded a hundredth ad to our site will receive a highlighted ad for one week;

Thank you for choosing our services.